Flaunt Your Frontline!

Flaunt Your Frontline!

Rupa Frontline came up with a trend-breaking vest fashion this year and it hasn’t been the same since. The new TVC featuring Ranveer Singh left the entire nation’s men trying to flaunt their vests! But is there just one way of flaunting your Frontline? The answer is no! Let’s tell you all the different ways you can do peeking-peeking with Ranveer Baba to #FlauntYourFrontline.


  1. The way Ranveer does it! Flaunt your Frontline with a crisp shirt. Keep the first two buttons open and pull your shirt towards the side of the logo to activate your magnetic field!

2. The causal way. Rock the informal look while showing off your Frontline swag. Simply wear a t-shirt or a sweatshirt with your favourite vest and let it work its charm!

3. Or go the not-so-basic informal route. Sport a funky outfit like a blazer with your vest and #FlauntYourFrontline ahead of others! Make heads turn, always.

4. Unleash the hunk in you even while working out and make a statement anywhere you go. Ditch your shirt & wear your hoodie/jacket with just your vest. People will stare, let’s make it worth their while.

Become a trendsetter effortlessly. Because Yeh Aaram Ka Mamla Hai!

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