How to Stay Comfy this Festive Season

How to Stay Comfy this Festive Season

The festive season is just around the corner, the year went by so quick right? When you think about it your head will be filled with thoughts of joy & enjoyment with your friends and family, sumptuous food, great gifts, soulful music, fun & frolic all around. It is the celebration of joy, culture, traditions, customs & victory of good over evil which makes it so much more than just a festival.

Those days of worshiping, merrymaking & festivities are way too crucial to be obstructed by anything at all! So while doing your festive shopping this year remember to buy comfortable clothes with breathable fabrics & cuts that let you have the freedom of movement. (All that music will need dancing!)

Feeling at ease, being comfortable & hassle-free throughout the day has a lot to do with your innerwear. They can prove to be an absolute game changer! Here’s a checklist to avoid any uncomfortable wardrobe malfunction this festival season:

  • Stick to the basics. We mean 100% cotton innerwear and no compromises there. Cotton provides breathability as it has the ability to control moisture between your clothes & skin by absorbing it to keep us dry all day long.
  • Buy and wear only your tried-and-tested cuts when it comes to your briefs/trunks. You shouldn’t keep wanting to adjust them while you go pandal hopping, do you?
  • Always keep a few new pairs of your staple styles in stock, you never know when you might need them.
  • Always keep muted colours like grey, white, and beige in hand for all the white kurtas and dhotis you might want to wear impromptu!


                Keep your festive spirits high & your comfort quotient higher!

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