It’s What’s On The Inside That Matters!

It’s What’s On The Inside That Matters!

Imagine wearing your softest, comfy-est pair of t-shirt and pants but still not feeling at ease, sounds familiar? Take my word, this happens to the best of us. The causing agent- your Innerwear! Oh yes you read it right. Your inner garment plays a big part in your comfort & overall wellbeing. Hard to believe? Let me list it out for you:


  • It’s much more than just Wear, Change, Wash & Repeat.
  • Maintaining a Decorum of Undies is indispensable for a healthy living.
  • Throw away your old underwear once they start to grey or have hole(s) or discolour or begin to ill-fit or have stubborn stains/odours.
  • Buy new innerwear often to replenish your stock. This will help in maintaining your intimate hygiene. Your body will thank you J
  • Experiment with different shapes, cuts & fabrics. You might just bump into the perfect piece complementing your body. There is a comfy-er alternative out there, go grab it. Also, new innerwear always induces a happy feeling!
  • Change your undies to a fresh one after a workout/jog. This is way too important to neglect. Sweaty undergarments are playing grounds for germs. Don’t let them have a good time at your expense!
  • Sharing is not caring in this case! This is the one thing you should never share or lend to anyone, even your bae. Don’t take ‘chuddy buddy’ literally 😉


So keep your underwear clean, fresh, comfortable, well-fitted, plenty, diverse, interesting, stylish & sexy!

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