Kids vs Innerwear

The biggest war that almost all parents have to face is the war between their kids and underwear.

But Why?

Kids are in that stage of life where they still don’t know how to compromise.

They want explore the world around them in their own way and they don’t want anything to come in their way. So it’s safe to say that Underwear that is too tight, too loose, too scratchy are the biggest enemy of your little one.

There are many times children (girls and boys equally) prefer to go commando and refuses to wear underwear in public. Sometimes even if they are successfully convinced into wearing an underwear, they tend to fidget with it which is a worrying matter and also embarrassing if it’s in public.

The only thing Rupa Frontline has to say is
Why compromise at all?

Rupa has a wide range of comfortable innerwear for kids assuring 100% comfort all the time…

Cotton is the most comfortable material for any type of clothing, especially innerwear. Great choices of comfortable cotton briefs, shorts, drawers, vests and tank tops gives your kids no reason to complain. Material so comfortable and flexible that it is ready to be a companion for your kids no matter what adventure they want to experience.

In these sweat free innerwear collection, your kids will always be fresh and energetic, ready for whatever mischief they have got planned (Sorry Parents!)

Your children are bound to get attracted to the colourful designs of Rupa Frontline!

Everyone knows that kids are attracted to colours and different prints.

Along with comfort Rupa also comes with style.

Frontline has a wide range of underwear whose designs and colourful textures will surely make your kids want to wear them!

Let Rupa Frontline Stop this war Between Kids and Underwear!

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