Summer Wardrobe Essentials for Men

Summer Wardrobe Essentials for Men

Polo T-Shirt

A vivid coloured polo t-shirt is a staple requirement this summer. Everyone should own a couple solid polo’s in their wardrobe. You can experiment with a fun new colour or simply carry a classic navy/white t-shirt and feel your body beat the sun in style!


A pair of Bermuda is all you need to feel and look super cool! They hit just above the knee and the comfort of 100% cotton fabric adds the cherry to this cake. So let’s fun it up in casuals this sunny season!

Sleeveless Tee


There is nothing better than a breezy sleeveless tee for all your beachy weekends. They work for most casual occasions from a visit to the grocery store to a perfect summer evening walk to a quick workout at the gym. It’s so versatile and lets you flaunt that summer body you worked so hard for!


Loungers & Capris

How horrifying is just the thought of wearing a pair of jeans in this season? Yes we all know the answer to that. Thankfully loungers come to the rescue. A pair of cotton loungers or capris can save the day and add that much needed scoop of comfort! Athleisure is the current must follow trend. So don’t wait, go grab an all-purpose lounger asap!


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