Times Are Changing, And So Are We!

Times Are Changing, And So Are We!


1980s witnessed the rise of India’s most popular inner wear brand, Rupa Frontline (Rupa.Co.In). During those days, inner wear industry was mostly unorganized and dominated by local players. Quality and consistency were major challenges countering the industry. Rupa Group had an answer in the form of a new brand, which was dedicated solely towards to the needs of young men!

Brand Frontline was crafted delicately to address the needs of the times. Product quality, durability and pricing were some of the qualities, which took the market by storm, and Brand Frontline became one of the most popular brands in the inner wear category with a huge fan-following covering the length and breadth of the country.

Rupa Frontline is one of the highest selling brands in the Rupa Group, which is lapping up with the current trends to become a global player in the knitwear sector.

The brand has recently revived its brand identity with the launch of its new Brand Logo, which deftly projects the brands commitment towards growth and expansion. The new logo is stylish, sharp and holds promise for a brighter future.


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