Underwear is the most important aspect of a woman’s clothing, yet it’s often the most neglected piece. Adriana Lima, the famous model for a renowned cosmetic brand once had said “Lingerie is one of the most important pieces of your wardrobe. You can have a wardrobe malfunction if you don’t choose the right thing to wear underneath!”

‘To wear underneath’. Underwear is the backbone of a perfect dressing, yet women often don’t spend as much time on choosing the right panty as the right bra. And as a result of that, in most cases the low awareness level about the right underwear/panty choice leads to wardrobe malfunction.

Though financial independence of the women today has led to an evolved customer base who are willing to experiment with their lingerie collection but knowing which panty to wear with a certain kind of outfit is necessary to get an effortless look. The choice of underwear can make or a break an outfit.


This article aims at giving you an overall understanding of the ideal range of panties against a certain dress.

  1. Skater Skirts or Mini-Dresses
  2. Office Wears
  3. Loose Skirts or Dresses
  4. Tight Fitting Dresses
  5. White Pants/Leggings
  6. Sheer Dresses
  7. Saree or Lehenga

Skater Skirts or Mini-Dresses

The ‘Boy Shorts’ are the ideal option to pair with that mini-dress with thigh-high hemlines. Shielding you from wardrobe malfunction caused by summer breeze, the right cut of the panty gives you more coverage than a brief or thong.

Office Wears

Visible Panty Lines (VPL) is one of the commonly occurred wardrobe malfunction. But you can avoid those by choosing a composite piece of underwear with trousers or skirts.

Look for seamless, high-waist thong or French-cut panties. Owing to its seamless feature and being perfectly tucked in- the shape-wear high-waist thong is one of the best option to go with. French-cut panties, also known as high-cut panties also go well with office trousers as they secure you from the butt-cleavage wardrobe malfunction.

Loose Skirts or Dresses

Making a safe and comfortable choice is the most crucial part in choosing the right underwear and the Granny Panties for its maximum coverage to your intimate parts, are the safest and most comfortable choice to pair with loose skirts or dresses which may fly away from the body.

Tight Fitting Dresses

For tight pants, the boy shorts can save you from a VPL. Although, for body hugging clothing, Thongs are the ideal underwear as it leaves no panty lines. Bikini underwear can also be another perfect choice.

White Pants/Leggings

Nude underwear should be the preferred choice to pair with a white pants or leggings. Selecting underwear that is close to your skin tone is the safest option here. But in case of unavailability of such, go for a light grey underwear with white pants. Grey hipsters or hip-huggers can form a comfortable undergarment to white shorts.

Sheer Dresses

Look for seamless underwear made without elastic to go with the sheer dress. This underwear creates a perfect illusion of smooth lines as you sport silhouettes with risky cuts on these.

Saree or Lehenga

Saree is one of the most preferred ethnic Indian outerwear. In the look out of that perfect underwear to pair with a saree, one should look for something which maintains a proper shape below the petticoat. Hence the Regular Briefs are the ideal option to go with any traditional dress.

Could you relate to the problems? Hope you have then got the solution. Then why wait, just grab that perfect underwear and sport an effortless look.



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